CCTV for abattoirs

The Bloomfield Group provide a tailored building CCTV system for your abattoir, keeping your abattoir safe, secure and ensuring legislation is adhered to and incidents tracked.

Our CCTV cameras operate over computer networks such as Local Area Networks (LAN) or Wide Area Networks (WAN), and can effectively replace existing independent CCTV cable systems, providing image recording storage on a PC, server or network video recorder.

Bloomfield Group provide a number of security systems including access control, CCTV, intruder detection and risk assessment.

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Abattoir CCTV legislation FAQs

I manage an abattoir. What do I need to do?

You will need to make sure that:

• There is CCTV in all areas of the slaughterhouse where live animals are present,
• Official vets have unrestricted access to CCTV recordings,
• Recordings must be retained for 90 days.

When does this need to happen?

• Legislation will be in place by early 2018,
• There will be a six month ‘adjustment period’ in which to meet the standards.

What will happen if the slaughterhouse or abattoir does not comply?

• Slaughterhouses can be given a welfare enforcement notice,
• Have its staff’s licences suspended or revoked,
• Be referred for a criminal investigation.


More about the legislation requiring CCTV for abattoirs, monitoring and compliance

Under the new plans for CCTV, footage would be accessible to the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) Official Veterinarians (OVs), who monitor and enforce animal welfare standards in the slaughterhouse. The FSA has strict processes in place for the approval of slaughterhouses, and specially trained vets carry out checks to make sure the welfare of animals is protected throughout their time in the slaughterhouse. The CCTV systems will be required to assist these checks.

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