Integrated Security Systems


In today's world, adequate security is a necessity in order to combat the growing number of sophisticated threats to which organisations are exposed.

Whilst traditional stand-alone systems provide benefits to end-users, the integration of  electronic and physical security systems (using advanced communication networks and establishing a single monitoring control centre to provide a swift and assured response) is now considered the most effective solution.

The Bloomfield Group can provide intruder, CCTV or access control options but we increasingly recommend a more holistic approach to security sytems. This approach is not focused on specific security products, but is designed to create a fully secure environment, protected by integrated systems, which also often integrate with building management services such as heating and lighting control.

Such systems must be designed, installed and maintained with great care and consideration for both immediate and long term needs.

Whether your property is an industrial or retail park, a commercial building, a place of learning or a health-care centre, based on our free survey we can offer the optimum integrated security system for your environment. The Bloomfield Group has a record of producing innovative and reliable solutions which deliver efficient operation, reduced cost and mitigated risks.

Integrated Security Benefits

• Enhances control capabilities and improves efficiency,
• Improved operational information for better decision making,
• Ensures regulatory compliance,
• Improves security protection for business, assets and staff,
• Improves real time emergency response,
• Reduces operating costs.


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