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The evolution of closed circuit technology and related communication networks has elevated CCTV from being a reactive surveillance system into a powerful information and remote management tool. It is now considered one of the most effective weapons to combat crime.

CCTV systems can be stand-alone on site systems, fully networked to provide visual access from a remote location, or integrated with other systems such as intruder alarms, access control and fire systems to offer automatic viewing in response to event driven activations.

Operators using the facilities of our remote control room can be confident in the knowledge that it was designed and built to the highest industry standards. Customers can be confident that their property, business, assets and personnel are well protected.

Products in our formidable range are selected on the basis of proven reliability and compatibility, whilst our close working relations with leading technology manufacturers ensures that we can provide the latest and most innovative solutions.

Integrating our IP CCTV with the very latest analytic software allows the system to differentiate between animals, humans and vehicles. This significantly reduces the number of false alarms of the type generated by older detection technology, such as PIR detectors and point-to-point beams.

With the cause of the alarm more accurately relayed to the operator, the response can be much quicker and more incisive. Following a predetermined and agreed procedure, the operator can, in the first instance, challenge an intruder. In most cases, this is sufficient to cause them to leave the site. If this proves ineffective, then the operator can escalate the incident to the Police and /or keyholder.

This system transforms the effectiveness of CCTV. No longer simply a stand-alone recording of historical events, it is now a live, actionable detection system, capable of detering crimes at the civil stage, preventing them from becoming criminal issues and before any costly damage occurs.


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